Helping Hands Food Bank

If you have any spare food please consider us. Alternatively we have an HH bank account if you would like to make a donation that way, pls contact Claire Grove for details or our HH PayPal is

As the cost of living increases demand for food banks increases too. Please anyone if you have even one item to spare at your home we would be ever so grateful. HH wants to continue to give food, toiletries, and cleaning items to our families struggling but we can’t do it without you. we are a non-profit organisation and currently get no funding at all. Thank you everyone.
We also have a PayPal account if you would like to donate please use the following Paypal email address:- .

❤️ In this together and together we stand ❤️

If anyone requires a food parcel please use the form below to request a food parcel to be given to you.

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